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IC Chips 430483 items
Specialized 65 items
Resistors 102762 items
Capacitors 71653 items
Tantalum Capacitors 4386 items
Film Capacitors 3998 items
Solid Capacitors 1266 items
Power Inductors 9071 items
Inductors (SMD) 4026 items
Pulse Transformers 328 items
RJ45 Transformer 138 items
Pre-ordered RLCs 63 items
Connectors 48031 items
FFC/FPC Connectors 3446 items
Pin Headers 2148 items
Female Headers 1151 items
IC Sockets 1037 items
USB Connectors 514 items
IDC Connectors 441 items
Connector Shells 430 items
Audio Connectors 429 items
Screw terminal 256 items
Shunts & Jumpers 132 items
Key/Switch 13607 items
Toggle Switches 2802 items
Push Switches 2621 items
Tactile Switches 1515 items
Rocker Switches 1472 items
DIP Switches 1434 items
Slide Switches 920 items
Rotary Switches 517 items
Rotary Encoders 345 items
Microswitches 255 items
Metal Dome Pot 13 items
Switch 3984 items
Tact Switch 3788 items
Rotary Encoder 196 items
Connector 1431 items
USB Connector 1431 items
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